Posters will be on display for a full day. There will be informal poster sessions during the breaks.
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Monday 1.8.

Anders Aase Solberg
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
An extension of the large time step Godunov scheme to convection-diffusion equations

Samuel Adesanya
Redeemer's University
Weakly non-linear waves in hydromagnetic couple stress fluid-filled elastic tube with variable prestretch

Elena Aristova
Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of RAS
Bicompact high resolution schemes for solving linear integral-differential transport equations

Anar Assanova
Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling
On the unique solvability of a nonlocal boundary value problem with integral conditions for the system of hyperbolic equations

Wasilij Barsukow
University of Würzburg
A Low-Mach solver for the Euler equations allowing for gravity source terms

Ghada Ben Belgacem
Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie
On the finite-time stabilizability of some hyperbolic systems by Lyapunov approach: applications

Jonas Berberich
University of Würzburg
Applying a well-balanced scheme for the compressible Euler equations with gravity in an astrophysical code

Philip Berndt
Freie Universität Berlin
Simulation of the shockless explosion combustion

Thomas Camminady
RWTH Aachen University
On a numerical scheme for the non-classical Boltzmann equation

Clémentine Courtès
Paris Sud University
Error estimates of a finite difference scheme for the Korteweg-de Vries equation

Richard De La Cruz
Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia
Numerical evidence of delta shock solution for a totally linearly degenerate system of conservations laws

Imad El Harraki
University Moulay Ismail
Controllability of second order evolution equations by bilinear control and a class of unbounded feedbacks

Cipriano Escalante Sanchez
Universidad de Malaga
Non-hydrostatic pressure shallow flows: an implementation in 2D-domains using finite-volume and finite-difference scheme

Abdelfeteh Fareh
Université Echahid Hamma Lakhdar
Stabilization of a system of Timoshenko type with thermoelasticity type III in the presence of a distributed delay

Robin Flohr
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
A splitting approach for freezing waves

David Fridrich
Czech Technical University in Prague
Cell-centered Lagrangian Lax-Wendroff HLL hybrid schemes

Tuesday 2.8.

Juan Pablo Gallego Valencia
University of Würzburg
A Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin scheme for systems of hyperbolic conservation laws

Tarek Ghoudi
Paris 13 University
Adaptive element-finite element method and robust a Posteriori error estimates for diffusion problems with discontinuous coefficients

Assia Guezane-Lakoud
Badji Mokhtar Annaba University
Numerical solutions for integro-differential equations

Sébastien Guisset
Université de Bordeaux
The angular M_1 model in a moving velocity frame for gas dynamics applications

Neelam Gupta
IIT Bombay
Nonlinear waves with mixed nonlinearity in a van der Waals gas

Christian Jäh
Loughborough University
Well-posedness of hyperbolic systems with multiplicities and smooth coefficients

Adewale James
American University of Nigeria
A new Chebyshevian basis function on a special type of block method for the solution of first-order initial value problems with oscillating solutions

Chaker Jammazi
Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie
Finite-time stabilization of Timoshenko beam control system by saturated boundary feedback laws

Aku Kammonen
KTH Stockholm
Numerical simulations of molecular dynamics observables related to conservation laws

Touria Karite
University Moulay Ismail
Numerical results of the boundary controllability for parabolic semilinear systems with state constraints

Friedemann Kemm
Leibniz University Hannover
Considerations on the carbuncle phenomenon

Thomas Kugler
TU Darmstadt
Structure preserving model reduction for damped wave propagation on networks

Rakesh Kumar
IIT Bombay
Weighted adaptive numerical viscous stabilization technique for conservation laws using cubic B-spline quasi-interpolation

Santosh Kumar
Thapar University, India
Numerical simulation of neuronal behavior based on non-linear integrate-and-fire model

Kerstin Küpper
RWTH Aachen University
Two level sampling strategies for uncertainty quantification in hyperbolic relaxation systems

Wanderson Jose Lambert
Universidade Federal de Alfenas - Brasil
General structures in Riemann solutions for carbonated waterflood oil recovery

Wednesday 3.8.

Rukhsana Kausar
TU Kaiserslautern
Water hammer modeling with hyperbolic PDEs and switched DAEs: a comparison based study

Xavier Lhebrard
Université de Bordeaux
Modelling and numerical approximation for the nonconservative bi-temperature MHD model

Naveen Kumar Mahato
TU Kaiserslautern
Particle methods for multi-group pedestrian flow

Christoph Matern
University of Leipzig
Numerical solutions for a weakly hyperbolic two-phase flow model of dispersed vapor bubbles in a liquid

Victor Michel-Dansac
Université de Nantes
High-order well-balanced scheme for the shallow-water equations with topography and Manning friction

Kamran Mohseni
University of Florida
Observable regularization of multidimensional Burgers and Euler equations

Ram Murti
IIT Bombay
Propagation of two dimensional wavefront in inhomogeneous media

Maruthi Naliganahalli Hanumantharayappa
Indian Institute of Science
A hybrid central solver for ideal MHD

Marko Nedeljkov
University of Novi Sad
Singular radially symmetric solutions to multidimensional conservation laws

Jurij Novickij
Vilnius University
On the stability of discrete nonlocal hyperbolic boundary problem

Endar H. Nugrahani
Bogor Agricultural University
Kinetic modelling and empirical finding on Indonesian vehicular traffic system

Chinedu Nwaigwe
University of Warwick
Approaches for coupling 2D/1D shallow water equations

Shamsul Qamar
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Numerical solutions of two-phase shallow flow models

Boris Rogov
Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics
Iterative approximate factorization of operators of high accuracy bicompact scheme for solving a hyperbolic system of multidimensional quasilinear equations

Abdel-ilah Saaof
Moulay Ismail University
Boundary initial state reconstruction with constraints for distributed hyperbolic systems

Thursday 4.8.

Saida Sari
Multi-layered model with mass exchange for recirculation flows

Marc Sedjro
Hyperbolic conservation laws arising in the study of forward-foward mean field games

Nazish Shahid
Forman Christian College
Green's function method to approximate spectral function and quasi-particles' energy in a quantum Fermi system

Hariom Sharma
IIT Roorkee
A study of cylindrical shock wave in magnetogasdynamics using similarity Method

Bangwei She
Czech Academy of Sciences
A stabilized FE-FV scheme for the compressible Navier-Stokes-Fourier system

Triveni P. Shukla
IIT Bombay
Weakly nonlinear waves in non-ideal fluids

Sista Sivaji Ganesh
IIT Bombay
Convergence of quasi-linear parabolic approximations to an entropy solution of a scalar conservation law

Jakub Slavik
Charles University, Prague
Semilinear damped wave equation in locally uniform spaces

Yuusuke Sugiyama
Tokyo University of Science
Finite time degeneracy of 1D quasilinear wave equations

Fairouz Tchier
King Saud University
Iteration in Kleene algebra: shortest path

Allen Tesdall
City University of New York
A spectral and WENO hybrid method for the transonic small disturbance equations

Yoshihiro Ueda
Kobe University
Analysis for the regularity-loss structure of thermoelastic plate equations

Lisa Wagner
TU Darmstadt
Second order implicit schemes for solving balance laws with applications to water supply networks

Sanjay Yadav
The Northcap University
Far field behavior to study planar shock waves in radiative magnetogasdynamics